Updated Spectator Policy

This Policy is Updated for 2018 Please read and Digest - Thank you

The intention of publishing this "Spectator Policy" is to clarify what is expected of spectators who wish to come and watch. This is the official position of the Organisers of Grizedale Stages Rally. We have the Safety of (1) The Public (2) The Officials (3) The Competitors (4) The Spectators at the centre of everything we do.  As you would expect everyone needs to play their part.  

First and foremost, we all need to accept that spectator behaviour has to change if rallying is to continue. Tragic accidents in recent times bear witness to this, and spectators cannot be left to just wander wherever and whenever they want. If you want to do that because "that's what we've always done" then please give Grizedale Stage Rally a miss. We understand this stance may not be popular, we’re not asking you to like it, we are just asking you to obey these rules.

We have selected 9 of the very best locations for watching the rally. These are all directly accessible from the 5 spectator car parks WITHOUT the need to walk on the stages. These are your “spectator areas”. Spectators do not have to remain within these areas although we would discourage anyone from leaving them, especially if you are not an experienced rally spectator. 

If you do choose to leave the “spectator areas” then you must obey the following;

Do not walk on the stage whilst it is “live”. The stage will be considered live” from the point the Spectator Safety Car enters the stage (c.30-40 mins before the first competitor) until the Sweeper Car has passed. This means that if you don’t want to stand in the spectator areas then you need to turn up at least an hour before FCD to find your chosen viewing point. And stay there.

You must spectate from a “safe” location. If you are advised to move by marshals or safety cars you must do so immediately. We are only concerned with your safety so do so without argument or attitude please. If you are outside of the spectator areas we would expect you to be an experienced spectator, and experienced spectators know that safe locations are generally above the stage, behind the tree line and never on the outside of bends.

By entering the forest you are accepting that you will follow the safety directions given to you by marshals and officials. REMEMBER; being in an unsafe position or not following the marshal’s instructions will result in the stage being delayed or cancelled. 

Use the official car parks. Do not park on verges - this is extremely detrimental to local relationships. You may think you have save yourself a tenner but you have cost the rally an absolute fortune: We do not want you here. 

The charge for parking is £10 per vehicle. The fee is split between Mountain Rescue who provide the manpower for the car parks, the Forestry Commission who own the car parks, and the Rally to cover the cost of printing the Spectator Programme. 

Any spectators who attempt to enter the forest from anywhere other than the 5 car parks will be turned away. Remember that there is a Rights of Way Closure Order in place for the whole of Saturday 8th December which prohibits everyone who is not a bone fide spectator. Anyone entering from anywhere other than the 5 spectator car parks will NOT be considered a “bone fide spectator” and will therefore be committing a criminal offence by entering the forest. This applies whether on foot or in a vehicle. 

The safety and sensible behaviour of spectators is vital to the future of rallying, so please be responsible for yourself and for everyone's safety to ensure we can all continue to enjoy rallying.






Grizedale Stages 2018:  8th December 2018