Review of Grizedale Stages Rally 2015

As ever, this review is not intended to tell the story of what happened on the stages – covered much better in the likes of Motorsport News and the locals – but to give you a taste of what went on behind the scenes.

For instance, the tree that was found on Saturday morning between the 2 Grizedale stages when marshals entered the stage to sign on for SS4. Normally the set-up van would have found this tree in the early hours but they were still running around the forest retrieving arrows and signs which had blown off overnight.


Various penknives and hacksaws weren’t making progress so whilst we called in the FC, we re-routed the marshals up the public road and re-set the stage to start at Post 3. (You lot were playing in Dunnerdale at this point). As Spec Safety car sat on the line of SS3, the FC announced that they’d cleared the tree and all we needed to do was move the Start back the 1.5 miles to its’ original location. The Set-Up van were heard to mutter “That’s the first stage we’ve seen with 3 Starts!!”

I must confess that I had wondered what was going to be left as the slates bounced on my hotel roof on Friday night. So it was a pleasant surprise that all we required to do at Skelwith was stand a few signs up. Most people will have noticed the tree down along the entrance road. There was another down on the South side of the site though, cushioned by a caravan….

We’re sure you are sick of seeing cones, but we were rather pleased with them – not only did the Highways dept find us all those cones, get them transferred from across the county to our local depot, put them on pallets and load them, they then donated 80 obsolete one to us!! Top blokes.

Eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted the Entry Lists and Start Lists were headed “Coppermines GSR” – the scourge of ‘cut-and-paste’!! Whilst we haven’t fallen out with Coppermines in any way, they have not sponsored the event this year. That honour goes to the very modest (“no publicity please”) people at Sellite Blocks and Bartam & Patrick Vets aka that ridiculously rapid Saab @ #38.

It’s unusual to get a letter from someone along the road section route of the rally, and as someone pointed out it’s more likely to be a moan than anything else. So it was really nice to receive one actually congratulating us!! The full letter is on our Facebook page but basically the bloke said he’d watched all the competitors going through his village on the way up to Grizedale, after The Farmers Arms TC. “I can honestly say that the driving behaviour of every competitor was exemplary; nobody was speeding, everyone slowed appropriately for the bends” “ far as I was concerned the event was well run. Congratulations to all concerned.” “PS My wife wishes to pass on thanks to the drivers she met on the road who waved thanks when she pulled over”. THANK YOU EVERYONE. There is room for everyone to enjoy their sport in the National Park, all it takes is a little courtesy.

Finally, date for next years rally; Errrrm, well, at the moment it is on most lists as Saturday 3rd December 2016. However, that is because Skelwith Fold is meant to be open until the end of November, but there is a possibility that they will be closing slightly earlier. In that case we’ll be running on Saturday 26th November 2016. Watch this space……..


Some Footage of the Rally available on the Gallery and External Media Page



2018 Date:    Grizedale Stages:  8th December 2018


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