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Thank you for officiating, competing or spectating at Grizedale Stages Rally at the weekend.

There were delays to the competitors cars running in Grizedale yesterday, which left spectators waiting for very long periods vs the advertised times that they would pass. We rarely suffer delays so thought it would be a good idea to clarify what actually happened.

Shortly before the competitors were due in to Grizedale, a spectator arriving at Stage 4 was taken ill and medical assistance was requested by the Marshals who were attending to him. We despatched our paramedics from the Stage Start and Service Area and called for an ambulance. After the paramedics arrived we requested an air ambulance due to the condition of the patient, which diverted from Manchester and subsequently landed at the scene.

Obviously, the situation was developing over a period of time. With no paramedic at the Stage Start, regulations prevented us from being able to start the stage, not to mention the presence of the air ambulance. So we delayed Stage 3 – which ran into Stage 4 – to see how the situation progressed. Safety Cars announced to most spectators that there was a delay but obviously at this point we couldn’t predict the length of that delay. Once we had liaised with the Air Ambulance on scene, it became obvious that there would be a significant delay, so we took the decision to cancel Stage 4 and short-cut competitors through non-competitively and directly to Service.

Throughout this period paramedics from the Air Ambulance and the rally attended the casualty. We are very sorry to report that despite this, he died. He was a local man of 53 with wife and children. The organising team extend their heart-felt condolences to his wife, his family and friends.

We, the rally, have a duty of care to everyone involved; competitors, marshals and spectators. Clearly our priority was the incident, and we hope that spectators who had to wait for the competitors and competitors who didn’t get Stage 4, will understand.

GSR2016 Organising Team




2017 Date:    Grizedale Stages:  2nd December 2017


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