Please note:  This page contains 2017 event info - 2018 info to follow soon!

2018 Date:    Grizedale Stages:  8th December 2018

Grizedale Stages Rally 2017.

2017 is the 30th anniversary of Grizedale Stages so we want to give you something a bit different, showcase the Lake District and generally challenge you. Bear with us if you think any of this is “a bit weird”.

We have come up with a “very thick sandwich” of stages. We start with a brand new stage that has never been used before. It’s a little over 2 miles long and will be run twice. Next we move on to Grizedale main and a monster 16-miler!! Main Service follows at the excellent Skelwith Fold caravan park, then back in to do the 16-miler in Grizedale for a second time. Finally it’s off to Dunnerdale and two runs through the usual stage. Total of 41 stage miles and 65 road miles.

Auxiliary Service will be allowed after the first 2 stages and before the last 2 stages, 10 minutes each but you’ll have to buy a Management Pack to make use of these. Main Service is 30 mins.

Entries will be limited to 80 on a first-come-first-served basis because 1/ good stage conditions get maintained with only 80 cars 2/ we’ve found a way to make our rally viable with only 80 cars. You just need to get your entry in quickly.

Scrutineering and Signing On will again be at Skelwith Fold near Ambleside on the Friday evening and the Saturday morning. Trailer park will be here as well but we’ve opened up a new area to increase the capacity. This year we need to introduce a strict regime for entry to Skelwith Fold to limit the number of vehicles that come in. Your entry will allow one competing car, one service barge, one trailer. A management pack will allow you one management car. Beyond that you’ll need to apply for a pass for any other vehicles you want to bring in including on Friday evening. No pass, no entry this year, sorry.

The start venue will be at the Lakeland Motor Museum, Backbarrow. This is some distance from Skelwith Fold (other end of Windermere to be precise) but is an interesting venue – and you’ll get 20% off entry if you come back to visit!! 

The road section to Grizedale should show you an interesting side to the Lake District. We know you’re coming for the forests, but why shouldn’t you appreciate the backdrop as well?

The number of spectators we get is legendary. There are 6 spectator areas for you to demonstrate your skills at, plus one VIP area, just don’t do a “Tom Preston” there this year. At a new spectator area we’ve opened up, we’ve had to put a footbridge in to get spectators from one side to the other without falling into the gaping ravine down the middle!! 

Other than that, it’s the usual fare from the Grizedale Stages team; friendly faces, great stages and a cracking end-of-season celebration. I’ll have a pint please.










2018 Date:    Grizedale Stages:  8th December 2018


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